Promises are made to be broken,

Made again,
Whilst Jasmine pours,


Where God,
Is an impression, a

Asking why, if

Birds and fish and,
Creatures of all kinds,


We terrorize each other,

Even at crimson sunsets, to
Be the first to apologise, and

Stop polluting the Earth?

Picture – ♦Reuters/Daily Mail

-short evocative poetry-



We don’t dance anymore



We don’t dance anymore,
And it happened so quickly.

We sold our souls on the galactic market,
For peanuts.

The Earth recovered though, its

We sold everything to be together,
We did, and

Life happened.

This far down the line, we’re all that’s left and
You still are,

The most beautiful thing about me.

♦Photo:  Mary Pendergreene

-evocative short poetry-


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Walking with butterflies

She shifts with the breeze,
Neon white with blue streaks,

Antennae filtering blossoms,

Owning the street,
Owning the couple,

At the roundabout-

A dusty butterfly that will not let go,
Just beyond reach-

-and gently away –

You ever been a glass-wearer looking for your glasses with,
Your glasses on to begin with?

– evocative short poetry –

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