Airport Café

He is munching on nuts,

Utilising the muscles he has.

He has wonderful eyes,
Hawk eyes,

Wide set and is,
Now eating a banana with a plastic spoon.

We both, have motioned for a waiter.

He is masticating on a blob of Almond paste that he,
Has scooped from a glass jar in the,

Center of the table,
With his middle finger,

Nibbling like a squirrel,

And there is something new,
As he rushes,

To the aid of a woman carrying,
Four heavy bags;

He leaves his own unattended.

I wonder if he’s on drugs, or
Just a tourist,

High on Africa,
A white man free to do as he pleases –

I am a black man preparing to fly, and
Have been informed about baggage,

Left unattended.

-evocative short poetry

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Falling from the sky

The machines do not run us.
We are responsible for;

And Flaura and Fauna.

Sparkly flowers may be intelligent,

As the case may be.

We may have to look after the galaxy next door,
We hope they are thinking the same.

Smells orange, like wheat, like oxygen like,
Slippers when you need them, black boxes are always recovered.

We can love the machine, pilots die too, just

Don’t call them machines.
It landed on Europa,

Drilled and found life.
Humanity was never more thrilled.

-short evocative poetry-

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