I grow old

Look cherry,
I can do it too!
Grow without trying!

I still wear make-up,
Iron my hair,
Go dancing,
Fall drunk,

I still give up,
Play dead,
Act cherry,
Cherry bright,

I still dream,
Scratch at my wounds,

I still wish I could be free,
And rich,
And well thought of,

I feel,
Even though I fell last week
And was not picked,

That I could be the one to turn it all around.

I pant though.
And gasp.
And wheeze.

I take Tylenol in the morning and complain,
Pay the bills just in time,

I cry,
And give up
And pretend,

I grow old.

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We are leaving them behind



Never mind steel,
We are creating new materials,
Carbon nano-tubes, poly-ceramics,

Twirl a ball above your head, we are
Building elevators into space,
Stringing massage parlours around the earth,

We are engineering ourselves,
Computer worlds and,
Selling real estate, we

Are leaving the old people,
Stained curtains and they are,

Walking into forests,
In Japan.


 -evocative short poetry-

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The tyranny of age

short poetry, age, end, death, review, purpose, doubt

When you are born,
You know that you are,

Here to change the world,
And it is good,

And it’s alright,
To do your best.


You are checking the curtains,
Just in case,

You run out of sunshine.

-evocative short poetry-

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