Nothing Breaks Forever

Nothing breaks forever my friend.

You may trip when you find yourself up against
The success of a friend,
You may find yourself betrayed by your dreams,
None of them coming now,
It may seem as though the flat open land before you is being squashed
By the grey clouds floating overhead,
And that the silver light that suffuses the sand is laughing
At you,

You see that frog there?
By the small cactus,
Whose shadow is stretching far beyond it,
He lost his parents in the flood when he was born, and bellows loudly,
As now,
At dusk,

You see that snake beside him?

He is tasting the air for fear, see
The flash of lightening is followed by the lashing of his tongue, see
The metallic taste pleases him,

You see yourself beside them?

You were not born on this sterile landscape,
To weep and look forlorn,

Can you feel my arm around you?
I am holding you in my palm and trying not to frighten you,

I will not leave this place without you, because I like your
And your feet

And I cannot cast you down the ravine
Just to drink of your wounds,

I have seen the gash,
And watched you rub ash into it,

And heard you cry out

I am aware that you miss your friends,
And the places you visited in the past,

You will not suffer much longer,
I promise,

I promise that all the angry clouds will melt away
Like ripples in a pool,

I promise you that the snake and the frog
Will not dance this dance of death much longer,
I cannot bear sharp fangs
For the sake,
Of a bit of fruit.

I will not let my creation wither in fear of failure, or the appearance of black space.

What is broken,
I promise I will fix,
And then allow from now on, your wish…
Carry with you,
Your memory.

I am the wind, warm against your skin,
I am the snow
Into which you put your feet,
I am the faint orange light out where
Sky and Earth meet.

I am the alien that put you here.
I am sorry.
And I love you
And I will not accept defeat.

-short evocative poetry-

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