It can take a year
For the wound on a rose
To heal.

No-one said that feelings should be trusted

No one asks
For a year to go by and,
Come again un-noticed.

Saucers are broken and replaced,
And dreams lived in hope
Do not necessarily come true.

It can take a whole year to get over a divorce,
Or a stolen handbag,
Or a drunken slip of affairs,

And it can take a
Year to put these things right.

I was thinking these years,
Put together,
Make a life,
But I was wrong,

These years don’t have to live,
Beyond the phone call that you make,
Brown eyed,
Child you,
Had in mind for,
The chocolate bar you bought instead of,
That extra bag of rice,

It all ends somewhere,
The crying.

And it can take
Just one big smile.

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