They will stone you in God’s name

short poetry, politics, religion, government

It’s a revolt.
A revolution.

And in the name of God, they are building schools,
Delivering doctors, door to door.

They are conveying the message that people care,
And that no one is forgotten but,

Cameras are not allowed in some places.

People hoist burning American Flags,
Which melt and spit plastic,

Scarring children with big brown eyes and,

Women will not talk about this;
Allah is a man in uniform.

-evocative short poetry-

♦picture – Radu Sigheti for REUTERS♦

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  1. A thought-provoking write. So, this is the stanza that really get to me:

    People hoist burning American Flags which melt and spit plastic,
    Scarring children with big brown eyes and,

    And your final stanza brings to mind a quote from the writer Anne Lamott:

    You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.’

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  2. A very moving piece. I wonder how sick a person must be to believe that their god would want them to rape, stone, and behead others, just because they disagree with each other.


  3. to me the height of irony is the long-standing association of holy books and guns… ~

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  4. There are psychopathic killers in every culture and religion..
    it is not the religion or culture that is at fault fully..
    it is the human condition.. that easily
    falls prey to hate.. as they have not
    been taught to develop in Love
    at the daybreak
    of birth’s childhood
    as a result
    of A parent(s)
    who are never
    developed to Love
    either.. the answer
    is Love.. but that comes
    from birth.. mostly.. religion..
    or not..
    a child’s heart
    Love starts
    in the crib
    for the most
    part at least..:)

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  5. It is a sad thing when religion becomes synonymous with hate and murder, especially of the innocents.

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  6. The title hits me right away ~ I pray that ultimately the good will win the war ~

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  7. The last three lines are especially powerful.

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  8. The ending is chilling really!

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  9. This is so chilling, I’m glad that you pointed out how they really sell it to people.. maybe it tells us what is really needed to go against those who want to stone you.

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  10. Its sad how some people tarnish their faith by misinterpreting the law and religion.. if only they knew that every religion promotes peace and love for mankind.

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