I have forgotten who I am


My shoes are not where I left them.

There is a dog howling in the distance,
And the sound reverberates,
Lifting the dew off the dense canopy of trees outside.

The bamboo lamp beside the sofa,
Sheds dull orange light across the Persian carpet,
And I am not casting a shadow.

I have,

A mug of hot tea,
A roll of Maryland,
Chocolate chip cookies,
And bad breath.

I have forgotten who I am.

I seem to remember going down to the
Laundry room,
And watching her fold steaming towels,

Fat haunches, corpulent bust,
And a very fine neck.

♠picture – http://www.dirzz.com/1155490-topshots-india-religion-hindu-kumbhall1033898069

-short evocative poetry-

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